As we are no longer attending shows, we will be making more use of a newsletter, so make sure that you are registered!!!  (Please go to the link, bottom right, and enter your details). Don’t worry, we are not going to sell your details on to anyone else, and will not spam you with hundreds of useless emails, but you will then be sure not to miss out on our latest releases, work in progress, and the occasional offer or competition…

We will also be keeping our ‘News ‘ section up to date with more details of all our releases, Freikorp15, QRF, TSS Scenics, TSS ancients, TSS WW1 and, of course, SeaWulf.


Are you adding more photos?

Yes, there are lots more photographs,  together with some new releases in Modern, Postwar and WW2.


I’ve forgotten my password

We are just in the process of updating the customer database, so you might have a little problem until we have that done, but the ‘forgotten password’ link can be found by going to ‘Shop’ (menu top right). Hopefully once we have the database sorted that will all work correctly (it worked on testing, honest!) although you may need to set a new password – never a bad thing to have to set a new password from time to time ;-)


Where are the ancients and WW1? And SeaWulf?

The ancient and WW1 ranges are currently all listed on the TSS website, and can be found at  SeaWulf is also now being sold through the TSS site.


Where have the TSS scenics gone????

All TSS products are on their own website now, together with all the QRF and Freikorp15 ranges (and the 1/2400 SeaWulf naval range), so if you want latex roads or fields, hill packs or any other mixed media visit  and have a browse there.


New Products for November…


  • Modern Americans – MAIV04 Cougar APC
  • Postwar Germans – PGAT02 JagdPanzer Kanone
  • WW2 German – GFV40 Pz IIIN
  • WW2 Russian – SFV04 SU-100
  • Arab-Israeli – ARA03 later SU-100 for the Arab armies.

We are busy working on the SU-85 and a new version of the IS-111 too.


We have been busy adding photos as quickly as we can and have released new latex 2″ and 1″ rivers and now have some Wild West buildings ready to go… keep an eye on the site for more details..



Yes, it has been lots of ‘fun’ getting this website ready, and we now know lots of things about websites that we are not sure we ever wanted to know… but as long as you, the customer, find it easy to use :-)

So, what are you waiting for, GO EXPLORE!


Chas, Sarah and Geoff