April 2021

April 2021

Morning All!

Just to set the record straight and scotch some of the rumours flying around. We are NOT going out of business, neither are we retiring just yet. We ARE reducing some of our ranges and we ARE reducing some of the lines we carry as stock.

WHY? It is not, as some twit has said, because of the new plastics or CAD designs are squeezing out our ranges – the problem is the exact inverse. Despit not attending shows, COVID and not advertising, we were getting busier and busier and Chas, as the full-time staff member was getting to the stage of working 12 hours a day, seven days a week and, at his age, things started to fall off!

Selling TSS was simply part of a managed decline, we had already stopped the MOD work and the Military Recognition businesses. There are new ranges and new models coming through and these will be ‘completed’ and we may well have a successor lined up in a couple of years time. There are no plans to axe any more ranges for the time being as we continue to re-organise our existing product lines.

COVID was the main reason for realising just how successful QRF Models still is (despite our best efforts) with a huge increase in orders and we did our best to support our furloughed customers with discounts and by working long hours. We thought we had done very well, bar one disgruntled customer who told us our ‘customer service was sh*t’ as we didn’t know that his order hadn’t been delivered. Thanks MH from Devizes – that was areal morale booster!

So, what next? We will continue to renew the moulds on our existing product lines to improve the quality of the models and with more time available, we will be able to add a few variants and a quite a few new ones too.

Thanks for reading this.

Chas and Geoff