MAY 2014

Resin – We have been busy adding to our range of 15mm buildings – have a look at our new category – ruins.  Some of it is obviously aimed at WW1 western front, but the damged adobe buildings will do for WW2 Western desert, or colonial too.  Photos will be added over the next week or two.

We plan to add various buildings next, to complement either the Wild West or American Civil War.

Metal – The first sample of the Old Bill Bus has left the mould!  Available soon.  The crews for the 1915 Renault and Peugeot ACs and AM have arrived and the vehicles are now in production moulds – as are the first of the infantry to go with them.  They will be listed over the next couple of weeks.  We have also heard from the designer that the new Belgian Infantry will be arriving soon.

Latex – We have been busy transferring the marsh and lake from the Generic Resin range to the latex range.  the marsh is cast in brown latex, with (mostly) clear latex pools.  takes a minute to detail it up with a highlighting brush for instant scenery!  the lake is cast in green latex, with a blue latex lake.  same principle – just ready for highlighting.

This months competition!

Two Regular Battalions of the same Regiment met in Ypres in 1915.  Which Regiment? The winner will be drawn on the 1st June and wins one each of the two new latex pieces detailed above.

Congratulations go the Jan for March, the bus is in it’s way!

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