NOVEMBER As you will have seen, the new QRF website is up and running, but we haven’t been idle….

We have been working on the 1915 pattern Lanchester Armoured Car and we have released the German Jaegers.  we are also finishing off the Paris Autobus that did most of the carrying of troops to the ‘Miracle of The Marne’, while the taxi grabbed the romantic vision. We have also just commissioned the Royal Naval Brigade, Royal Marines and the German Naval Division – If anyone knows if these had HMG teams – please let us know!

En-route to us now are the BEF infantry and the brave lads of the Fusiliers Marins.

We have also been busy re-moulding the WW2 French and some of the modern CIS/Russian vehicles and equipment and are about to release the WMMX Landrover and the Daf YP 408 APC.

Geoff has also finally got his act together and we will be releasing more Postwar British Infantry – the 66 LAW, SMG and LMG packs and a few more character packs too.

Strewth – no wonder we feel cream crackered!

OCTOBER Yet another busy month ahead ( and behind) We have been busy integrating QRF and TSS on this site and working on the new QRF site, which will be uploaded soon.  Changes afoot though! This will be (eventually) fully integrated, click on a metal range and, hopefully, also listed with it, will be items we think may be useful too.

New for this month so far.

METAL WW1  German Jagers and MG08 teams for both line and Jaegers.

LATEX A new range of rivers.  Longer than the old 6″ lengths, the basic sections are 12″long and will also now include lakes and fords.  We have completed moulding of all the 2″ wide range and are rapidly finishing the 1″.

FLOCK Is now listed – under basing materials!!!! Sorry…..

PHOTOGRAPHS Yes!  We are trying to add more – honestly!

COMPETITION For October – again, first correct answer drawn be Sarah on the 1st November will win £30 worth of our latex product to his/her choice. The question…..’ Where is King Athelstan buried?’

RULES When we bought Freikorps, many, many years ago…we also bought 1000 copies of both ‘Yellow Ribbon’ and it’s companion ‘And Continually Wear the Blue’.  We have now transcribed copies into a digital version and are currently working on the format.  Both will be available shortly as downloads.  Now, we will own the copyright to the format, but we will not own the rules.  So, when we have sold 1000 copies, that will be it! So, if you are interested in the Indian wars of the old Wild West, keep an eye on this website!

AUGUST Been a short month for us with two weeks off! despite that, we have been quite busy, so have again sectioned the news.

RESIN. We now have the new Wild West/ACW ranch house and both the teepee and wikiup are in mould.  Listing and photo will appear in October.

METAL We have now received the masters for the German Jagers and command and the MG08 for both the line infantry and the Jagers. These will be moulded and available at the beginning of September.

COMPETITION. Congratulations to Bernard for the correct answer to the July competition, your prize is on it’s way. (France again!)  No competition this month, next in September.

SALES. We appreciate that there will be no Colours this year, but, over the weekend of 13th/14th September, we will have a 10% off all products on the site so keep an eye open for that!

Chas TSS

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