August 2021 Time for a break!!

As you will have gathered, we have stopped our regular Newsletter. A couple of reasons for this – time being an obvious one, but we have decided to freeze our prices despite the near tripling in price of tin in recent months, so to offer an extra 10% on our already scandalously cheap prices, seemed a bit too much!

We have been busy, quietly adding to the WW1 Africa ranges and for me, adding to our WW2 Western Desert range too. Afrika Corps first, then Western Desert Force. We will be adding to the Italians too.

However, time for a break!

We will be closing for our summer shutdown at close of business on Thursday 19th August and will re-open on Monday 6th September. All orders in by close of business (17.00) on the 18th will be cast and dispatched on the 19th. After that, it will be Tuesday 7th September – Sorry!

We have also been busy remoulding a lot of our older products with the occasional re-model/rebuild and we have also been trying to get rid of the older photos and replace them with new.

Geoff is now back to modelling too, so shortly, to compliment the 1/2400 Seawulf ships, will be 1/1200 scale Aircraft – lots of them! Soviet, British, US, French, Swedish and others. Not just Carrier-borne, but land-based strike aircraft and long range recce too. All I need now, is time to mould them. There must be nearly 50 aircraft and Helos.


Chas and Geoff