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January 2018

Well, we are in and settled and casting and sending orders.  The only trouble has been our internet and telephone connections.

We were promised that they would be working on the 10th Jan, that was the soonest that BT could do it.  The ‘Engineer’ came on the 10th and was a right stroppy youth who didn’t know what the job was and couldn’t care less anyway.  He disappeared leaving the yard strewn with offcuts of cable, never to be seen again – though we did have a telephone line!  wasn’t our assigned number, nor could we connect to the internet.

We were promised a return visit on the 15th –  what joy!  Though, apparently we weren’t in.  Funny that.  However, our new phone line disappeared.  We had quite a few phone calls for ‘Brenda’, so it would appear that the previous stroppy youth had simply hacked somebody else’ phone number.

Then, on the 19th, out of the blue, an  older chap showed up and duly did his duty and connected us up.  All became live this morning (the 22nd) and with great jollity we emailed everyone that had requested a telephone contact that our new number was live!  Only it wasn’t…. we can make, but not receive calls.

Now, we have been promised yet another ‘Engineer’, but not until the 29th Jan……




December 2017

First off – MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers.

Our move to the new workshop is underway!  As of today (Wednesday 20th), our machinery and pots are now off and business will be resumed on the 2nd January 2018.

It has been a busy month, but we have been able to complete the remoulding of our ITA range, plus a few in the FRE codings as well.  We have also released the SdKfz 250 series vehicles for the WW2 German ranges and the SdKfz 7 has also been remodelled and remoulded.  Have a look at the ‘New releases page for more details!

There might not be any new releases next month (sale perhaps?)  but we have received masters for additions to the Carlist Wars range and the Armenians in the Ancient range.

Chas, Geoff and Sarah

August 2017

A Reminder!!!

Our Summer Shutdown starts on Friday 18th August and we will be closed until the 1st September.  I will be coming in during the second week to catch up with some moulding.

There are more Feudal Scots on the way, plus the some more WW1 including the Minerva Armoured car and Limber and Caisson teams for the Indian Army, plus more figures for the Carlist Wars in Spain.

July 2017

Only a couple of bits of news this month as the newsletter preceeded this update so, here goes.

There are two questions that we are commonly asked..the first, why don’t we shift to plastic or resin? The second, is, for some reason, which are your best selling ranges.

The answer to the first question is simple but has many reasons.  The main reason, is that, although I am no ecomentalist and a confirmed ‘Flat-Earther’ (Gordon Brown – remember him?), I did a lot work in and around the North Sea in the 1980s and 90s.  Most of this involved sending a Remote Operated Vehicle to the sea floor and flying it along a pipeline.  The pipe was laid in a shallow trench (or scar) from Platform to shore.  Every scar that I saw, was full of rubbish – hard hats, bottles, plastic bags and every other form of detritus that you could think of.  It will be there pretty much for ever and made a lasting impression on me – and a deep aversion to plastic!  Metal is recyclable, allows for much better detailing, allows deep undercuts and also permits more and better figure poses as there is no hard mould line such as that given by steel or aluminium dies.

The second question is easy and, going back over three years…..

2016  1st  Seven Years War, 2nd ACW, 3rd History of India

2015 1st  Seven years War, 2nd QRF Modern, 3rd ACW

2014  1st Seven years War, 2nd History of India, 3rd Franco-Prussian.


Anyone out there around Piper Alpha?  Nearly 30 years ago!