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July 2016

Busy few months!

Geoff pulled out all the stops and sent through all the Mod American Strykers – 8 in total, plus the Swedish APCs, the M114 and the Humber Pig.  At the same time, all the French WW1 Cavalry arrived and we also finished the German Opel and the French PB2.  Another designer also sent Greek Hoplites, Armenian Horse Archers and javelinmen plus the command for the 15mm Carlists.

We also finished the space-saver terrain system base tiles and some samples of the feature tiles. The new buildings for the Industrial Age also turned up… so, it has been flat out moulding, cutting, casting, pouring and sleeping- hence, no news!

Newsletter subscribers will also know by now about our 50% discount offer on CGM Napoleonics and the 10% discount on our Seven Years War Ranges.  If you don’t subscribe, you’ll have to wait for our next offers!


If you are waiting for the new British Archer, or the Churchill VII, apologies, but there is only Sarah and me at the factory……


Our old rulesets are now available as downloads!  See ‘Rules and Vouchers’.

We have had frequent requests for these over the many years since Prontaprint disappeared and Geoff’s computer crashed and now  – They are back!

Put the fun back in to wargaming and have a go…we are always on hand to answer questions…….

(You will need a sheet of acetate for the artillery Spyder)

March 2016

Crumbs …..we have been busy – thank you to everyone who has kept us in business by placing orders.

At last, we are back to sending out a discount code with our monthly newsletter too.

We have also managed to fulfil some long-standing promises on our Seawulf range too, with the last of the old ones, the Julius Fucik, just waiting for some new production moulds to come in.

Also awaiting these, are the new Iraqi vehicles, various T-54/55mods, including 3 x SPGs and the famous ‘Lion of Babylon’.

Ready to go in to pre-production are a Swedish APC and loads of the US Stryker variants, Leopard 1A1 turret, the Humber Pig in two versions, the Bedford UBRE and the M114, so loads to look forward to.

We have also nailed down the format for the new space-saver terrain tiles.  They are 20mm thick, in place of 40mm and will be Styrofoam, not polystyrene, so will be more durable and take up half the space.  Rivers and streams will have a base of 10mm Styrofoam and the banks and top layer will be of polystyrene.  Hills etc will still be polystyrene.  This will also make it more economical for our US customers who have wanted TSS for years, but balked at the cost of shipping.  This will still be high, but for a product that will last for years!

More to come soon……



October 2015

Crumbs! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

What have we been up to?  In case you hadn’t noticed – photos!  Lots and lots of them!  Plus a whole heap of WW1 figures and vehicles to add tour 1914 ranges AND, coming very soon, the German cavalry, mounted, dismounted and ’empty’ horses with horse-holders.

Also due to go into production – at long last – is the SeaWulf Type 23 Frigate and RCN Iroquois upgrade…..

Also about to be photographed and listed is the new ‘Space-Saver’ Terrain.  All now thoroughly play-tested over two years of use/abuse.  Just got to work out how to list it and all will be done… watch this space!



July 2015

Greetings to all our avid readers!

We have been changing the codes of our WW1 British cavalry, to make room for the new dismounted figures, which should be ready for release by the 20th – hopefully!

As part of our frantic mould-making, also ready will be the first packs of helmeted Post War British, the Daf APC and the Swedish S tank, plus some ‘Militia’ packs which are ideal for use as modern Syrians/Iraquis/Egyptians…. in fact, anyone with AK47/74s in the modern world.  Also ready will be the ‘fauna’ for your Falklands games – Emperor Seals, Walrus, Sea Lions and Penguins, just what you didn’t know that you wanted!

Oh – and a pack of downed pilots……

Chas, Geoff and Sarah