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MAY 2014

Resin – We have been busy adding to our range of 15mm buildings – have a look at our new category – ruins.  Some of it is obviously aimed at WW1 western front, but the damged adobe buildings will do for WW2 Western desert, or colonial too.  Photos will be added over the next week or two.

We plan to add various buildings next, to complement either the Wild West or American Civil War.

Metal – The first sample of the Old Bill Bus has left the mould!  Available soon.  The crews for the 1915 Renault and Peugeot ACs and AM have arrived and the vehicles are now in production moulds – as are the first of the infantry to go with them.  They will be listed over the next couple of weeks.  We have also heard from the designer that the new Belgian Infantry will be arriving soon.

Latex – We have been busy transferring the marsh and lake from the Generic Resin range to the latex range.  the marsh is cast in brown latex, with (mostly) clear latex pools.  takes a minute to detail it up with a highlighting brush for instant scenery!  the lake is cast in green latex, with a blue latex lake.  same principle – just ready for highlighting.

This months competition!

Two Regular Battalions of the same Regiment met in Ypres in 1915.  Which Regiment? The winner will be drawn on the 1st June and wins one each of the two new latex pieces detailed above.

Congratulations go the Jan for March, the bus is in it’s way!



Welcome to the new QRF and TSS website.

We have combined the two  to give you better access to a complete gaming solution, with figures, scenics and accessories all in one shopping cart. We have also combined the QRF postwar and modern categories, to make it even easier to find just what you want.

All of our ranges are 15mm (1/100) except for SeaWulf. This includes our WW1, WW2 and modern ranges of figures, vehicles, aircraft and helicopters.

SeaWulf are 1/1200 for the aircraft and 1/2400 for the ships.

We are pretty much internet-based only now. Our newsletter will have details of new releases, sales, special offers and competitions – with great prizes! So, unless you register for it, you will miss out!  

Make sure you register for our newsletter!

As well as registering for our newsletter, you can keep up with our news via the news section – logical really, when you think about it. You can find a link to our news section in the top right corner of the website.

We will be adding more photos as quickly as we can, so, if there is something you wish to see, contact us and we will see what we can do

Can we visit?

We do not have  a retail shop front (yet). We can only accept visitors with prior notice due to health and safety restrictions (customers and hot metal tend not to mix well), but if you do wish to drop in give us a call on 01275 217577 and we will try and accommodate you!

We can be found at: 

QRF/TSS, Down Cottage, Blackberry Lane, Portishead, Somerset BS20 8LA 

Modern times?

Yes, we do now have a Facebook page where we will be putting up new releases, spotlight articles and hopefully some battle reports. Geoff also monitors this to be able to answer questions:

So, what are you still doing here? Go explore…!

Chas, Geoff and Sarah

MARCH 2014

We have just been asked if we are still in business as we haven’t updated this page for so long!  Nice to know that someone reads it from time-to-time.

Yes, we are.  So, what have we been doing?  Just finished a huge contract for the Tank Museum at Bovington.  Basically building a model of every vehicle in the museum.  Two reasons, the first so that the museum staff can check that a vehicle will actually fit into a space within the museum and also aid you, the visitor, if you want to see a particular vehicle – and yes, there is a 1/100 scale model of the museum on display within the new annexe (at time of writing).


Tiles – Sand gullies are newly finished, easily useable for Western Desert and Colonial warfare amongst others.  Cliff edges are now all complete as are the converter pieces to get from hill to cliff.

Resin – We are continuing to add to our danaged buildings range.  Keep an eye open for the ruined village and damaged adobe buildings.  We have also made a Teepee and two sizes of Wickiup for the Yellow Ribbon range from Freikorp.

Metal – The Gallic range is now complete and is the perfect enemy for our Roman range. Next up are the Pikemen to complete the Parthians and will also be the start for a new range of Macedonian and Successor States.

We are also rushing to complete our new WW1 French.  Initially in the 1914/15 uniforms.  The AMs and ACs are complete and awaiting crews.  The Renault taxi-cab and Schneider P2 bus are also underway and thinking about a truck. Anyone got any drawings???

The Daimler bus is also ready to go into mould (The Old Bill Bus) and should be available early in April

Time for a prize for any avid reader – Why was it called ‘The Old Bill Bus’?  Ist correct answer by 1st April, wins one!

That’ll do for the time-being – yes, we are in business – and thriving!