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JAN 2022

Happy New Year!!

…..And a Happy Retirement to all those who can this year – and that includes me!

I ‘officially’ retire on the 1st January, but I will be caretaking the business and training the new owner over the next few months until he is fully competant and has a place to move the business to. You will still catch me from time-to-time on the ‘phone, or answering emails.

Thank you all for your custom over the last 20+ years, the games and chats at the Tradestand at many shows over many years and a special thanks to Bob A who made it all possible so many years ago. Then to Geoff, who joined us a year or two later and bought in with that most valuable of assets – a vulcaniser!

I will miss it – sort of, but am proud to have created a thriving business that will continue for many years to come and, most importantly – has paid for my pension!



December 2021


We will be closing at 12.00 on the 23rd December – so our last collection day from Royal Mail will be


We re-open on the 4th January and our first collection after that will be


Thank you and Merry Christmas to all our customers from the QRF team and we’ll be back in the New Year with more new releases!

Chas, Geoff, Harry, Bernie and the new office supervisor – Nemo the cat.

September 2021

Back to work and hitting the ground running! Well, in my case now – ambling. Thank you all for your patience and quite a few of you do read my vague ramblings on here.

We are expecting some new bits and pieces by the month end, including some more WW1 releases, but more on that toward the end of the month.

Some pearls of wisdom though have ocurred to me as I get more mature, grumpier and closer to retiring.

We are frequently asked – ‘ I have bought such and such a manufacturers models, do yours fit in size wise?’ We haven’t a clue! For our modern/postwar ranges, we have usually been supplied drawings by either the MOD or the handbooks from the vehicles themselves, or we have sat in/on the real vehicle and of course Bovington Tank Museum has been a fabulous source of material while we were doing a huge number of models for them. So, assuming that the original manufacturer has the size right – so do we. We don’t generally take sizes from Google!

We also try to get the sizing right in length, width and height. We haven’t stretched any dimension to make it look right or so that it can be based or unbased next to something that is or isn’t.

We are rather proud of this!

Also, there is no such thing as ‘chain’ mail! Only mail.

Lastly, Alfred the Great never fought Vikings – he fought the Danes. Vikings were a ragtag bunch of pirates/marauders/ mercenaries who appear in the 10thC in the Anlo-Saxon chronicles. Never before. They would have been a mix of Norse/Danes/Irish/Scots/Byzantines/Moors/English and other assorted troublemakers.

Lindybeige would love the two statements above…



August 2021 Time for a break!!

As you will have gathered, we have stopped our regular Newsletter. A couple of reasons for this – time being an obvious one, but we have decided to freeze our prices despite the near tripling in price of tin in recent months, so to offer an extra 10% on our already scandalously cheap prices, seemed a bit too much!

We have been busy, quietly adding to the WW1 Africa ranges and for me, adding to our WW2 Western Desert range too. Afrika Corps first, then Western Desert Force. We will be adding to the Italians too.

However, time for a break!

We will be closing for our summer shutdown at close of business on Thursday 19th August and will re-open on Monday 6th September. All orders in by close of business (17.00) on the 18th will be cast and dispatched on the 19th. After that, it will be Tuesday 7th September – Sorry!

We have also been busy remoulding a lot of our older products with the occasional re-model/rebuild and we have also been trying to get rid of the older photos and replace them with new.

Geoff is now back to modelling too, so shortly, to compliment the 1/2400 Seawulf ships, will be 1/1200 scale Aircraft – lots of them! Soviet, British, US, French, Swedish and others. Not just Carrier-borne, but land-based strike aircraft and long range recce too. All I need now, is time to mould them. There must be nearly 50 aircraft and Helos.


Chas and Geoff