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June 19.


We will be closed from the 22nd June until the 7th July for our summer shutdown.

Last posting date will be the 20th June and the next will be 9th July.



MAY 19.

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the death of Sarah, our Office Manager.

She had been with us for many years and was well known to many of you and a few of you had the pleasure of meeting her in person. She was always a source of fun and laughter in both office and factory and had an uncanny knack of making it seem that it was your fault that your order was late/incomplete/gone missing, but always with a laugh in her voice that made it inclusive.

She has been and will be, sorely missed and her memory will be a part of QRF history that will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace Sarah.

June 2018

Well, we are back in production!  We have a young trainee casting away in the workshop being guided by my Fiancee, Bernie.  Neither of then can recognise one vehicle from another, so, hopefully you will not only get your order  , but it will also be correct….

If not, please drop us a line and we will supply the correct parts.  I am back on light duties, so can supervise from Monday 4th…

Thank you for your patience during these strange times.  Sarah begins her radiotherapy next week, so fingers crossed for her.

Chas and Geoff


April 2018

Sarah is currently taking time off on sick leave and we are training someone new to take over temporarily (my fiancee, Bernadette), so we may have a few minor delays from time-to-time!

For those of you who have either spoken, or met, Sarah, I am sure that you will join us in wishing Sarah well and hope all the various treatments will lead to a speedy recovery and a return to QRF where she can continue in giving you the service for which she has become renowned!

Chas, Geoff and Bernie