December 2020

A brief update for our Christmas/ New Year opening times.

We will be closed for from the 24th December until the 5th January, so our last posting date this year will be the 22nd December and our first date in the New Year will be the 5th January.

The email will not be monitored, so please be patient!

Unfortunately, we will also have to increase our postage rates soon. the cost of shipping parcels in particular has rocketed since June and we are losing about £300 a month on shipping alone – this does not include the cost of the packaging either! This has nothing to do with Brexit – more to do with Covid 19 and the lack of flights.




We have had a lot of calls regarding our plans for the QRF modern ranges, but no expressions of interest for buying them.

The range will come out of production on the 31st January 2020. Not because it is not making a profit – it is! It turns over approx £60K p.a and has done since we started to downsize the business 3-4 years ago. This has never been affected by the toy company and its’ strange rendition of modern warfare. In fact, the size of it and the business it produces is the very reason that it has to go – to give my RSI a rest! What also influenced the decision was my own lack of interest in the ranges, despite being ex-Army, I have never been that interested in representing modern warfare on the tabletop. The skirmish version of FEBA and East of Suez was the limit of my gaming. The larger the tactical level, the less realistic games became and ended up as wall-to-wall tanks, with infantry coming 19th on the list of priorities.

We are proud of what we achieved with the ranges, all the vehicles (post 1970s) were used as recognition models by Armies around the world (British, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Australian, US, Pakistan, to name a few) and were as accurate as Military Recognition Cells could get them. All of them were made either from plans provided by the manufacturer or from the real vehicles which generally we were permitted to sit on, or in and photograph. Occasionally we would make the master as we sat alongside the 1:1 vehicle.

This led QRF into Defence contracting and making models of future and concept vehicles, aircraft and ships. Some aircraft of which we had made models appearing as UFOs in newspapers a year or two later! The QE carrier and its’ alternative were two massive models that we made on the 90s.

The sale, if any ranges are sold, will include vehicles that we never released to retail – GSP Ferry, various bridgelayers, Titan, Trojan, Warrior AOP, MiG 27, MiG 31, Tornado IDS and ADV, Bo 105 to name a few.

We want to have space to produce new ranges – more WW1, Marlburian, more Ancients which are easier to de-mould than big vehicles – giving my elbow and wrist a chance to recover!


Chas and Geoff