February 2015

Well, as suspected, the QRF sale has put us back a bit, but!….. Pleased to announce the release of the 1914/15 British infantry, together with some of the softskin transport to go with it.  We have also heard from the designer that the Royal Marines, Royal Naval Infantry and the German Marines will be sent to us shortly too.  We have sent him dollies for British Cavalry in both Mounted, Dismounted and Horse-holder roles. These will be followed by French and German Cavalry, which will pretty much finish my desired project for WW1.

Also ready to go in to mould are the Fusilier-Marins and the PB-2 Autobus.

Sales wise, I have been surprised and delighted with the positive response from the USA, Australia, France and Italy.  Our total sales in the UK = NIL!!!!  The ranges have paid for themselves within a month, which has been outstanding, so, thank you everyone.

We will continue with a few more vehicles and, yes, the armoured trains for the siege of Antwerp, but will probably not go any further at this stage.  For the rules, I simply haven’t had enough time to continue working on them, but will get there.

Other projects….. we have commissioned some dollies for the Feudal period, initially for Feudal Scots as I need some Longbow Fodder (contentious?) but do intend to do some Picts and Saxons too….given time.

Our competition winner for last month is Richard from The Netherlands, for correctly answering the HMAT question.  More entries than ever, so the News page must be catching on!

Our question for this month……..What colour is my Triumph Stag?   Correct answer gets a £30.00 credit across the TSS product range….Good Luck!



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