January 2015

An update on the news front….bit of a backlog on the moulding front and the QRF sale may put things back a bit more. However, ready to go are the BEF, Command, Kneeling and standing firing, Advancing at high porte, low porte and at trail and marching.  HMGs, both Maxim and Vickers complement the range.  Also ready are the Dennis 3 ton truck, RNAS armoured truck, RNAS portee 3pdr QF and of course, the London Omnibus.

For the French are the Fusiliers-Marins, Command, kneeling and standing firing and advancing low porte, together with the St Etienne HMG and crew. Also ready is the Schneider PB2 Autobus.

Also ready are the Numidian war elephant and the Phalangites with helmet crests (front rank or Argyraspides/Agema) and the standard phalangites for the later successor armies.


So, a fair bit to keep us busy and for you to look forward to!

There is also a strong rumour that we are building a WW1 armoured train…..we are not in a position to confirm or deny this and have no idea who spotted the loco……..

So, the competition for this month is……the names of the 3 main armoured trains running in to and out of Antwerp in 1914.

First name out of the hat on the 1st February wins £30.00 of credit on TSS products, ordered through the website….

Happy researching!


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