January 2018

Well, we are in and settled and casting and sending orders.  The only trouble has been our internet and telephone connections.

We were promised that they would be working on the 10th Jan, that was the soonest that BT could do it.  The ‘Engineer’ came on the 10th and was a right stroppy youth who didn’t know what the job was and couldn’t care less anyway.  He disappeared leaving the yard strewn with offcuts of cable, never to be seen again – though we did have a telephone line!  wasn’t our assigned number, nor could we connect to the internet.

We were promised a return visit on the 15th –  what joy!  Though, apparently we weren’t in.  Funny that.  However, our new phone line disappeared.  We had quite a few phone calls for ‘Brenda’, so it would appear that the previous stroppy youth had simply hacked somebody else’ phone number.

Then, on the 19th, out of the blue, an  older chap showed up and duly did his duty and connected us up.  All became live this morning (the 22nd) and with great jollity we emailed everyone that had requested a telephone contact that our new number was live!  Only it wasn’t…. we can make, but not receive calls.

Now, we have been promised yet another ‘Engineer’, but not until the 29th Jan……




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