June 2015

We have just sent our second newsletter for June as we have been able to crack on with moulding this month after a May which saw us completely swamped with orders!  We have also tried our first discount code through the newsletter and were extremely pleased with the result!  A big thank you to all of you who spotted it and ordered…..

We will now be running a monthly discount code for all subscribers – but only subscribers, starting in July.

We have now received the new masters for Early WW2 British and the new WW1 British cavalry – including dismounted and horse holders – should both be ready in July….

We are also about to mould the Daf YPR APC and the Swedish S Tank…..plus a few surprises!  Keep an eye ot for the next newsletter!

Oh  and the overwhelming response to our question of  ‘Where next?’  It would seem that we will be doing Amazons!  Bronze Age –  Fall of Troy stuff………

Chas and Sarah – TSS

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