May 2017

QRF is no longer on TMP (The Miniatures Page). After Geoff questioned the wisdom of the editor posting topics that were not relevant to wargaming, and seemingly intent on doing nothing but stirring up controversy and sensationalism (which resulted in several people’s accounts being locked) we found our own account was also locked, so we “would not be tempted to post”.

As a consequence we are unable to respond to customer queries there.


You can contact us direct by email to, through the Contact Us page on our website, via our Facebook page or we are available on both The Wargames Website (TWW: and The Wargames Directory (WD3:


We have been too busy to catch up on the moulding front, but over the next few weeks we hope to release some more Carlist infantry and cavalry,  WW1 ranges see the mounted officers for British, French and German, together with The Limber and Caisson sets for the Indian Army and British GS wagons for both British and Indian Armies, French Chasseurs d’Afrique and the British Cyclist and for the  Belgians, a signaller pack in sidecaps so they can be used with any style of infantry and dismounted versions of the cavalry and their horse-holders.

For modern fans, there are a pile of Dutch/Belgian vehicles with new vehicles in both YPR and YP guises, together with the Dutch version of the Lynx recce vehicle.  Geoff will be adding infantry too.

WW2 will bring the new British Archer 17pdr SP and the oft promised and long-awaited SdKfz 250 series vehicles – so, if you want a particular version of this – say so now!

Drinc hael!

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