June 19.


We will be closed from the 22nd June until the 7th July for our summer shutdown.

Last posting date will be the 20th June and the next will be 9th July.



November 2020

As lockdown in England continues, we have decided to continue with our Subscribers 20% Discount until the end of November. Use the same code in our November Newsletter to claim yours.

We are also in the process of adding four new guns to our WW1 range, primarily for the African theatre and we have now received the masters for the KAR.

Harry is now busy working on his WW2 ranges – so expect some news on that soon!



October 2020

Just a quick heads-up.

We will no longer be accepting Credit/Debit card payments from the 20th October. Our works computer is now too old to pass the security checks, so we would have to pay a hefty insurance premium and it simply isn’t worth it!

On the new model side, we have just released an updated version of the M3 Stuart/Honey in both early and late versions.



September 20

No newsletter this month as we are taking a weeks break from the 6th September and we will be re-opening on Monday 14th.

Also, we have now received that masters for the British in Imperial Service Dress in a joblot and need to take a bit of pressure off to give us time to cast the production masters and mould them for hopeful release in October. The dollies have also gone to the designer for the Kings African Rifles and these will be followed by the German Infantry, who will be primarily in the floppy, tropical hat. If you would prefer than in Topees, now in the time to say, though we will do both in the long run.

Hope you all keep safe and keep rolling 6s…

December 2019

Christmas Posting…

Our last collection will be on the 19th December, the next being due on Christmas Eve but that is not certain, so, if you want your order for Christmas, bear these dates in mind!

We will be closing down officially on Christmas Eve until the 2nd of January and our next collection will be on the 3rd of January.

Happy Christmas from all at QRF