FEBA+ Rules


These are the most complex of our rulesets – although the complexity is up to you.

The basic rules are almost repeats for EoS, set for skirmish level, though the weaponry can be a lot more exotic.

The upgrade set (hence the ‘+’ after FEBA) are set for Company or, for multi-player and a day, battalion level games.  They are easy to use, fast and fun and as close to realistic as we can get in a wargame.

The complexity comes more from the weaponry of the modern era – tandem warheads, composite armours and add-on armour blocks.  At higher command levels, these tend to fade away and a vehicle is either dead, or not.

The rules were extensively play-tested by the-then members of the Army Wargames Association, many of whom were veterans of Northern Ireland and First Gulf war, so, it should be pretty accurate!

Again, special thanks to Bovington Tank Museum, a nameless former US Army Ranger and too many Squaddies to name.

Have fun!

Please be aware that this is a PDF download

FEBA+ Rules