MA22 Attalos of Pergamon, Antigonus One-Eye, Seleucus


Attalos I of Pergamon (269 BC–197 BC)
Attalos I (Soter “Savior”) ruled Pergamon from 241 BC to 197 BC. A courageous and capable general and loyal ally of Rome, he played a significant role in the first and second Macedonian Wars, waged against Philip V of Macedon.
Antigonus One Eye (382BC-301BC)
Antigonus I Monophthalmus (“the One-eyed”, so called from his having lost an eye) was a Macedonian nobleman, general, and satrap under Alexander the Great. He was a major figure in the Wars of the Diadochi after Alexander’s death. He established the Antigonid dynasty and declared himself King in 306 BC.
Please note, the pike is not inlcuded – this was made from plastic for the model
Seleucus I (c 358BC-281BC)
Seleucus was a Macedonian officer of Alexander the Great. In the wars of the Diadochi that took place after Alexander’s death, Seleucus established the Seleucid dynasty and the Seleucid Empire.

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