MAC17 BAC Strikemaster


First flown in 1967, the BAC Strikemaster was marketed as a light attack or counter-insurgency aircraft. Capable of operating from rough air strips, with dual ejection seats suitable even for low-altitude escape, it was widely used by third-world nations.

With 2 hardpoints per wing, it had a capacity of 3,000 lb (1,364 kg) of bombs, machine gun pods, air-to-ground rocket pods, fuel drop tanks, and napalm tanks.

The Strikemaster was deployed by the Royal Air Force of Oman on several occasions during the Dhofar Rebellion, including a notable appearance providing Close Air Support during the Battle of Mirbat. Three Strikemasters were shot down over the course of the war, including one lost to an SA-7 missile. The Ecuadorian Air Force deployed the Strikemaster during the brief 1995 Cenepa War, flying ground sorties against Peruvian positions.

Sample painted by Brian O’Leary

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