Improved Restigouche


From 1968 to 1972, four of the Class were refitted to the IRE standard.  Changes being made to both armament and sensor arrays. <p>
The refitted ships were HMC Ships Gatineau, Restigouche, Kootenay, Terra Nova <p>
Armament:- <p>
1 x 3″/70 Mk6 (twin) <p>
1 x ASROC <p>
1 x Mk10 Limbo <p>
2 x Mk 32 (triple) STWS <p>
Sensors <p>
Radars:- <p>
SPS Types 502, 10D <p>
Sonars:- <p>
SQS types 505, 505VDS <p>

RCN02  Improved Restigouche
Improved Restigouche