St Laurent Class DDH


These wre the first major warships designed and built in Canada. <p>
The original St Laurent class were virtually identical to the Restigouche Class, so we have not made a model of the early variant.  The Class underwent refit and conversion to the DDH role from 1963 to 1966 and this is the version represented by this kit.  <p>
The Class comprised HMC Ships St Laurent, Saguenay, Skeena, Ottawa, Margaree, Fraser, Assiniboine <p>
Armament :- <p>
1 x 3″/50 Mk33 (twin) <p>
1 x Mk10 Limbo <p>
2 x Mk32 STWS (triple) <p>
Sensors:- <p>
Radars <p>
WLR1C, UPD 501, SRD 501 <p>
Sonars <p>
SQS Types  10, 501,502, 504 VDS

RCN03  St Laurent Class DDH
St Laurent Class DDH