Iroquois (Tribal) Class DDH


 The four ships of this class were the first in the world to depend entirely upon gas turbine propulsion.  They were also the first Canadian destroyers to carry two helicopters.  They were also fitted out to act as flagships. <p>
The Class comprised HMC Ships Iroquois, Huron, Athabaskan, Algonquin <p>
Armament:- <p>
1 x 5″/54 OTO Melara DP <p>
2 x Sea Sparrow Launcher <p>
1 x Mk10 Limbo <p>
2 x Mk32 STWS (triple) <p>
Sensors:- <p>
Radars:- <p>
SPS 501, SPQ2D <p>
Sonars:- <p>
SQS Types 501, 505VDS

RCN06  Iroquois (Tribal) Class DDH
Iroquois (Tribal) Class DDH