Van Speijk (Improved)


Type 12 ( Improved) Leander Class Frigate 1966 on.
The Leanders are probably the most outstanding postwar frigates and were built in greater numbers than any other British surface warship. Used also by the Australian, New Zealand, Dutch and Indian navies in various forms.
This is a 5 piece kit comprising Hull, superstructure, fore mast, main mast and gun turret
8 x Harpoon Single cell launchers
2 x 4 Seacat Launchers
6 x Mk 32 STWS
1 x 76mm
HSA LW 03, HSA DA 5 Radars
Type 184, Type 199, Type 182 Sonar

RDN02  Van Speijk (Improved)
Van Speijk (Improved)