Type21 General purpose Frigate


Type 21 Class General Purpose Frigate. <p>
The first ship designed entirely by commercial designers to ever be built for the Royal Navy and also the first to be designed from the keel up as gas turbine powered.  The initial design was, however, criticised for lack of armament and, from 1976, Exocet systems were fitted to seven of the ships.  Ambuscade did not receive hers until 1983.
 HM Ships,  Amazon, Active, Ambuscade, Arrow, Alacrity, Avenger, Antelope, Ardent <p>
 Armament <p>
1 x  4.5″  Mk8  turret.<p>
4 x Exocet launchers
4 x 20mm Oerlikon <p>
1 x quad Seacat <p>
2 x Mk32 STWS <p>
Sensors <p>
Types 1006, 992Q, 912 Radars<p>
Sonar Type 184M, 162

RON14  Type21 General purpose Frigate
Type21 General purpose Frigate