Ton’ Class MCMV


The Ton Class MCMVs were built in the 1950s and were employed as both Minesweepers and specialised Minehunters.
Two extra pieces are included in each pack of 3 vessels to convert the model to the Minehunter role.
The class included HM Ships Bronington, Hubberston, Brereton, Bossington, Iveston, Brinton, Kedleston, Kellington, Nurton, Sheraton, Maxton, in the Minesweeper class.
HM Ships Cuxton, Upton, Soberton, Crichton,Wotton, Glaserton, in the Minehunter role.
More have been handed over to other navies including Argentina.

RON18 'Ton' Class MCMV
Ton’ Class MCMV