Shipwreck is a set of rules for modern Naval Wargames.The aim is to make the genre interesting, exciting and not too complex!
Features include:

  • 50 page rulebook with a laminated cover and a handy Easy Ready Reference sheet
  • Exclusive use of D10 – no more scrabbling for different kinds of dice
  • More than 70 pictures and illustrations, including 23 full colour plates
  • Ships, aircraft and submarines all covered
  • Comprehensive lists of Submarine, Aircraft and Weapons data, plus an ever growing list of ship statistics maintained on the Internet
  • Fully explanatory introductory scenario
  • A modelling guide to help bring your battles to life

Ship data and errata can be downloaded from the author’s website at:

Please note this is an old website that does not function well with current browsers such as Firefox. It is best accessed via Internet Explorer

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