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Airfix Battles Project

US Armoured attack

Full workbench
The American figures are very nearly complete, just a final matt varnish and then basing to do. The German force has only received a primer coat.

My children have started to want to have a go at wargaming and as they already enjoy board games I thought I’d start with Airfix Battles. However, to make it more visually enjoyable, I am adding my own figures to replace the counters that are included in the box.

If you like the idea as well, let me know and I can add more details to the website along with producing ‘army packs’ to go with the game and save you having to figure out which product codes are needed.


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Should you already use social media, it would be great to see what you have been doing with the figures, how you have painted them etc. by tagging QRF in your posts or using the hashtag #qrfmodels.

I look forward to seeing the posts!